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Auction Streaming FAQ
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What are the system requirements to play the auction broadcast?
NAFA's broadcast uses adobe flash encoding to transmit the auction over the internet. The audio and video are designed to use very little bandwidth and will work over dialup connections.  Make sure to close other tabs, browsers, and programs while streaming your content. It may also help to hardwire your Internet connection, instead of using a wireless network connection. Note that flash is not supported by natively by IOS on the iPad or iPhone. IOS support http live streaming which requires small files to the browser which results in a much longer delay. 
To test if your computer can play flash media please visit:
I am asked to download something when I click on the broadcast link. What do I do?
Adobe flash player is the standard format for media sites like YouTube to broadcast video over the internet.  Follow the instructions on screen and revisit the NAFA broadcast page. Adobe Flash Player
How close to live is the broadcast?
The auction broadcast has a delay of about 5 seconds to prepare the sound and video information to be broadcast. Video players have an adjustable buffer setting.
My audio sounds choppy.  What's wrong?
Some auctioneers repeat the current price or the next bid he wants. It may sound like the stream is skipping but it is just part of the auction process of looking for bids.
Why am I asked to login?
The first time you access protected content on, you'll be asked to login. This is to assure that NAFA shippers and buyers have higher priority access to the broadcast. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details.
What if I click on the broadcast link and nothing happens?
You may need to download a recent version of Adobe Flash Player . Install the software and try again to connect. To test if your computer can play flash media please visit:
All I get is a box that says connecting and never connects, what's wrong?
Sometimes Internet traffic or a slow connection can cause the loading of the stream to freeze up. First, close the player and try again. Next, make sure that your computer meets the requirements listed above and download any software that you may need. Finally, make sure that you close any other audio or video applications before trying to listen.
Still Having Problems Listening Online?
If you continue encounter problems listening online CLICK HERE to report the problem.